New report outline promising sectors in low-income market segments

Fintech, edtech, consumer internet and mobile are the sectors in emerging markets that are most promising, according to a new report from Klaers Network. They are ripe for further innovation as well as investments. A decade ago it was impossible to penerate low-income market segments by start-ups with little assets. Since technology has developed in favour of low-cost models, this is now possible and affordable also to entrepreneurs in developing and emerging economies. As a result, these new frontier markets also become more attractive to investors.

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Featured Member: CANROC NEW TECS

CANROC NEW TECS invests in young and small enterprises within renewable energy and sustainable development. The goal is to only help grow inventions that combine good financial returns with increased impact on a global scale. "Through Transglobalcare we follow the development of impact investing, which gives input to the practices of our own fund management, and get access to a good deal-flow,” Brunna Graffson says, Investment Manager. CANROC NEW TECS investerar i unga och små föreatg inom förnybar energi och hållbar utveckling. Målet är att ...

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Join our Investment Readiness Programme

Are you a venture with positive societal impact looking for external funding or investment capital? Apply to our Investment Readiness Programme starting again this autumn 2015.

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Entrepreneurs join Investment Readiness Programme

On Sep 23-24 our first group of social entrepreneurs were coached through workshops and practice how to go about looking for investors. The 13 participants come from very different areas; From cultural perfomance, renewable energy, tourism and sustainable clothing. Transglobalcare takes these start-ups through a programme that will make them familiar with the investment process, what they need to have in place when approaching investors including financial and legal aspects.

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