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Join one of the very first Irish INTERGLOBALCAREment Network – a convening platform for investors and funders of social business.

Impact investing is aiming at financing companies that have a high potential for contributing to global challenges with their solutions and business models. Impact should be core to the business idea, not just a positive effect.

We are building a community of practice – of venture philanthropists, business angels and investors. Our purpose is to facilitate and to support impact investments within this community. Our vision is to see an exponential increase in different types of funding toward businesses with impact. Are activities are focused on:

  1. New investments where we create an attractive deal-flow and co-invest with members of our network
  2. Supporting knowledge and provide a learning environment for all investors

Additional services can be offered to support your own needs:

  • Business plan assessments, due diligence and contractual support in the investment process
  • Baseline metrics for social and environmental impact, as a complement to your financial metrics
  • Tools for monitoring and evaluation of outcomes and impact
  • Review of existing portfolio resulting in advice on how to increase impact by fine tuning business models and value chains.

Your participation means a valuable contribution and makes your impact investments go further – as you share.

Types of Membership


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