Member informed and driven financing a better tomorrow


Transglobalcare members are inspiring, action-oriented, and intrepid.

They form an exclusive group dedicated to making the world a better place. Along with our partner Taliic, we primarily serve as a convening body, creating the environment for our investors and partners to impact through their work.

  • Our members share due diligence, co-invest and nurture social and environmental enterprises and funds, with deep expertise across various sectors and geographies.

  • With a long experience working with social and ecological development from a business perspective, we support investors to define and measure impact, as well as collaborating with specialists.

  • Transglobalcare is a support community for social entrepreneurs, providing investors the opportunity to collaborate with enterprises more fully to ensure their success.

  • Our members source, share, champion and syndicate global deal flow. We review over 200 global impact deals per year. As volume continues to grow, we work to balance quantity with quality.

Member Benefits:

Joining Transglobalcare means making a serious commitment to action-oriented impact investing. Members actively engage with their peers to make the most of our collective time, resources and engagement. We provide our members with the following services.


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