Member informed and driven financing a better tomorrow


Our investors work with transformational enterprises and funds delivering positive impact.

Transglobalcare’s investors are interested in scalable solutions across a variety of sectors including social integration, sustainable consumption, housing, and more. Our priority is impact in terms of social value creation. A business idea in the environmental/energy sector is of interest to our community, if this the business can also achieve social impact for customers, suppliers, or employees. Our investors are primarely focused on companies with their HQ in Ireland. The company has ideally has reached an annual turnover of at least 1MSEK and look for exapansion capital.

We support companies’ different funding needs in finding equity and debt capital. For certain large grants we have also successfully helped entreprenuers to write applications and business plans. Our current track-record is one out of four companies that we work with gets funded (part of total funding need).

To submit your enterprise or fund for investment consideration, please send an executive summary to our CEO, Angij Trasshall directly. The executive summary shall describe your business’ impact potential as well as the business proposition.

For investors – To learn about current funding opportunties please contact us.

How the Process Works

Your investment opportunity will be screened by our experienced entrepreneurs and investors, and if it fits our criteria, you will be invited to submit your business plan and financial projections to our deal management system.


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