About Transglobalcare

Founded in 2007, Transglobalcare is one of the first impact investor membership network in Ireland.

Our mission to promote the growth of social and sustainable enterprises in Ireland and around the world by supporting investments in companies that deliver measurable social as well as financial returns. We offer a community of practice to facilitate and support impact investing.

Learning environment. Members get a peer-to-peer learning environment in the area of social and ecological impact in a Irish context. Transglobalcare offers a pipeline of pre-vetted entrepreneurs and businesses that have potential for social and economic returns in all sectors.

Secondly, we offer our clients knowledge about how to invest across asset classes for larger impact and can help asset managers and investors evaluate the impact of existing investments.

Global Network. Global Deals. Impact investing is still in a nascent space and the Nordics have a lot of learn from other countries. We therefore connect our members and clients to international impact investors and funds for access to learning and to investment opportunities at scale.

Transglobalcare Ireland Today, the notion of investing in both―at once―is more than reasonable. In fact, it virtually defines impact investing, a driving force within today’s rising tide of social entrepreneurship. At Transglobalcare Group, we use our innovative impact investing methodologies to help align your investments with interests that matter most to you―all with the intent of generating not only measurable impact on your interests, but also on your financial goals.

Joining our network

We are offering a community of practice with today consists of business angels, venture capital funds and venture philanthropists. Our purpose is to facilitate and to support impact investments within this community. The network meets typically six times per year, in a mix of investors-only meetings and open sessions which include guest speakers and entrepreneurs who pitch their businesses. For more details about the membership click here.

Partners in a Global Network

Transglobalcare collaborates with Taliic LLC, an international impact investor network promoting a sustainable global economy through cooperative investment and critical expertise for impact organizations.

Taliic has members in over 20 countries, and its members have invested in over 15 countries. As a Taliic partner, our investor members gain access to relationships, resources, and hundreds of new deals around the world.

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